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Ask for a present to support a street child

Do you invite your friends for your birthday and they ask you ideas for  a present. You are leaving office and they are asking what your farewell wishes are. Are there other celebrations and opportunities to ask for a present, please ask then a gift to support the street children of Mwanza. We made for you the following gift list:

  • For € 25 we can buy 3 study or reading books to be used in the study centre, where our children do get tutoring and we have a library.
  • For € 35 we can buy 5 uniforms for our acrobats group, who is performing sometimes in the tourist hotels to generate some income.
  • For € 40 you support one month a street child of Upendo Daima. We take care for the boy providing food, clothes, medical treatment, a bed to sleep and a lots of love and send him to school.
  • For € 50 you contribute to the installation of solar panels to provide electricity to the study centre, to allow the boys to do their homework in the evening and use the computers  
  • For € 60 we can provide the medical care for 5 of our street children during one month.
  • For € 75 we can protect our children against malaria with mosquito nets.
  • And for € 100 our street team can do their work for two weeks on the street to meet the children and to bring the to the Back Home House

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