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Upendo Daima Nederland

To support Upendo Daima with their work, the Foundation “Stichting Upendo Daima Nederland” was founded in 2004.


The purpose of Stichting Upendo Daima Nederland is to offer general and financial support to the project.


  • Provide information to schools, churches and other interested parties about the situation of the street children in Mwanza and the way UD helps these children.
  • Prepare and distribute newsletters to the donors, sponsors and other interested parties and maintain the website ( www.upendodaima.nl ) and the Facebook page ‘Upendo Daima’.
  • Participate in networks of organisations with comparable purposes, to share experiences and support each other.
  • Inform and motivate individuals and companies to provide financial support to the Upendo Daima project for street children.
  • Formulate project proposals and maintain contacts with donor- and development organisations in the Netherlands, with the aim to obtain financial support for the project and to receive feedback.


The management team of the foundation consists of:

  • André van Strijp, chairman
  • Ite van Aardenne, secretary
  • Jan van Bergen, treasurer
  • Hetty Bloemen, public relations and communications

The members of the management team carry out all work on a voluntary basis. The team members carry almost all costs of the foundation in the Netherlands.

The foundation is registered with the Chamber of Commerce in Utrecht under number 30199343


Latest news

  • In January 2018 UD staff went for team building day at Avashi Beach in Mwanza, about 5km from Malimbe Family. The main theme of the day was to exchange ideas, limitations and challenges in our work...
  • December 2017 The Moordeich sponsor run The result of the second sponsor run organized by the students at the Lise Meitner School in Moordeich Germany exceeded all expectations: the 367...
  • October 28, 2017 Four years ago I joined Upendo Daima as Lay Missionary for the SMA. It has been a privilege to work with the children and staff from Upendo Daima. They all have made me...
  • October 2017 My name is Asteria Sylivester Manyasi. I am 53 years old, and widow. I have six children, four girls and two boys. I have been working with Upendo Daima since 2009 as a profesion...

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