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Our twelfth team member introduces himself

October 2017

My name is Nicodemo Hongoa, I am 38 years old, married and have four children.

I have been working with Upendo Daima since 2006. I was actually a plumber, but my job at Malimbe started as a guardian. I was also responsible for the maintenance of the cottages. Currently, I'm the Patron of the boys. I help and guide the children to adapt to a structured life. I help them with their responsibilities so that they will benefit from this in their later live, giving them a better future.

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My responsibilities are as follows:

I make sure that the area is clean and clearred, that all children are in the center and are clean and tidy for the day. Also, I make sure they go to school on time. In addition, I see that every child lies under a mosquito net to prevent malaria. If a boy is ill, I have to bring him to the hospital.

This is my work at Upendo Daima.

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