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Book Market for Upendo Daima

October 2011

It is summer today. The sky is blue and it is warm. From time to time I look for some shade. I hear people speaking English and Kiswahili. But I am not in Africa but just on our own compound in Zennewijnen. And it is no longer summer; it is 1 October 2011.

We have organized a book market for the children of Upendo Daima in Tanzania. Marga and Hoja who manage the project are also here.

Aukje has knitted beautiful winter caps. We do as if it is winter and feel the snow and the ice-cold wind around our heads. Therefore many people buy such a colourful cap. With a lot of fun the caps are being tried and admired in the mirror.

All terraces in the garden, next to the waterside (do we really hear a frog?) are full with happy people who enjoy the beautiful day. There is an occasional nice breeze when people quietly chat en enjoy their coffee, tea and pastries. What else can you wish? A few people close their eyes and let the sun warm their face whilst others look for the shade under a tree or sun umbrella.

Laughing, talking and enjoying each other’s company.

The rooster is rather active and noisy today. There are butterflies around us.

But in the mean time we are doing good business. Many, yes very many books are being sold, but also handicraft and jewelry made by Lenny.

In total more than 1000 euro is collected. This also contributes to the joy and happiness of today. It gives prospects and future for the children of Upendo Daima. They have a place to live, food to eat and can go to school because the school uniform is being paid. The older children help the younger ones with their reading, writing and arithmetic. When they are sick they can go to a doctor. They have a second chance for a better future.

After all the misery on the street they can be child again. Of course they have to assist cleaning their room and washing their clothes but there is enough time to play and to be happy and to celebrate life like they are possibly only able to do in Africa.

Today we also play and celebrate life in Zennewijnen and a summer in the spring.

At the end of the day we sit in the shade and drink something with a small group of volunteers. A small boy is cutting his coloured paper butterflies. He is exited and happy.

The heaven touches the earth for a short while

Once the big summer will come…



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