Upendo Daima - Project for Street Children Tanzania


A new year and a new start!

January 2012


A new year, a new start full with new ideas and good intentions. Upendo Daima grows steadily because the number of street children increases and we want to give as many children as possible a better future.


Because of the drought during the last two years there is a shortage of food and the prices have gone up incredibly! A basket of 40 kg tomatoes for instance was costing 8 euro but has increased to 20 euro. The economical situation in the country deteriorates more rapidly. Not only more and more children appear on the street but it is also more difficult to re-unite the children with their families. The euro exchange rate is changing and regrettably we receive fewer shillings for a euro.


It was considered a good time to have a close look at our organization. We have scrutinized our organization and evaluated the performance of all staff. We decided not to extend the contracts of some of our staff. A difficult but necessary decision. In the mean time we have contracted staff like a center manager for the Back Home House (BHH), a counselor and two patrons for the night for both locations (BHH and MF) and a watchman for Malimbe Family (MF).


Back Home House

In the BHH we receive increasingly younger children but we are not allowed to accept children below primary school age. After a few weeks of regular, structure life, good guidance and loving care, we visit the families and check if it is possible to the child returns home.

During school holidays the parents regularly send their children to the street to beg and we therefore do not always know if a child is a real street child! That’s why we accepted fewer children during the Christmas holiday.

The children enjoyed the “extra’s” they sometimes receive during this time of the year. The SMA parish organized a children day, which started with a holy mass followed by games and dances. The children also enjoyed the nice food.


Malimbe Family


After the Christmas holiday the children came back to us. Some of them came much too late because the money they had received for the return journey was spent by their parents! The children had to sort out themselves how they could go back to MF! But our children cannot be stopped by such a problem; they just washed the bus and in return they could get a ride to Mwanza.


January was an exiting month for the boys who were transferred from the BHH to MF. They went to the primary school for the first time. Some of them for the very first time and others to resume classes in another school. Nicely dressed in their new school uniforms, full of pride, they were brought to school by Hoja in the pick-up truck.



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Back Home House

Malimbe Family