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The new center manager at the BHH

The new center manager presents himself

March 2012

My name is Deus Machemuli Naluyaga and I am the new center manager at the Back Home House. Since university, where I got my degree of arts in Sociology, I have been working with youth in different organizations, like the Shaloom Care House and Pathway to Healthy Community Association-Tanzania. At Shaloom Care House I worked as an assistant teacher (pre-primary school children) and Youth Counselor. With Pathway to Healthy Community, I coordinated education support program for street children, orphans, vulnerable children and youth. I also worked as a family planning chief project director assessing the level of awareness about family planning in rural and slum areas within 6 districts of Mwanza region, considered poor family planning as one of the causes for some of the problems with children in Tanzania.

I joined Upendo Daima at the end of January 2012. I never imagined that in this modern world, full of social hurricanes, storms and modernism especially in cities, there is Upendo Daima, an organisation, trying to provide the basics of the traditional family to the street children. My achievement on my daily activities depends much on the help from the children and the team work. The children whom we are working with are possessing large amount of knowledge and wisdom, coming from different family’s background and with different street experiences.

Working with children who lived on the street in Mwanza town, is a challenge. The longer children stay on streets; it becomes hard to take them back home. Children are surviving with robbery and pick pocketing, and some children end up taken to jail and viewed by the public as criminals. There is a shift of blame from the community to the children, instead of blaming the community for the failure of parenting their children in families, the public usually blame children and see street children as a disconnected problem from the surrounding community. Denying of children’ rights and parents’ responsibility does also motivate the increase of children who lives on streets. Finally, lack of specific programs to address the problem (street children) in the community, poor parental care as well as lack of essential human needs in ordinary families, does encourage children to find their luck on the street.

I see Upendo Daima as a dedicated mission trying to rescue these innocent young men who found themselves as victim of the current social changes. Till next time, but I would not leave you without a message, “when children know that they are valued, when they truly feel valued in the deepest parts of themselves, then they feel valuable. This feeling is more worth than any gold” according to M. Scott Peck in The Road Less Travelled.

Love never fails!

By Deus Machemuli Naluyaga


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