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Easter with Malimbe Family

April 2012

By Deus, center manager BHH

No more than amazing!

The Easter celebration at Malimbe Family was colored with all kind of people, invited guests, neighbors and Upendo Daima’s staffs. And of course the boys from the Back Home House and Malimbe Family, they were stealing the show with their acrobatic performances in the most shining uniforms, dyed with Tanzanian flag’s colors. The permutation was so beautiful, that the children looked very bright, keen and talented as well as their faces were covered with the heart of love – throughout the event the children were smilingJ!

It would sound awful if I forgot to mention the lunch, music and the dinner. The most recommended food for any kind of celebration in our environment is pilau, beef, chicken, ugali and rice. And we were enjoying a fantastic lunch with pilau, beef and chicken as well as a variety of fruits. Then, after the formal activities, children, invited guests and our staffs went all together on the dancing floor!

Upendo Daima would like to express many thanks to the staff, invited guests, neighbors and children as well as other unseen contribution from various inlets; through their efforts the organization was able to run the Easter commemoration at Malimbe family. Many thanks to our children, you did a great job on that day - you are among the great men in the worldJ!

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