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The Story of Mtatiro

May 2012

By Paul S. Lughali

Mtatiro is a child aged 8 years old and the first born son in a family with six children. They were living in Bunda district. His parents divorced a few years ago. Mtatiro didn’t go to school. Thus in the beginning of January 2012 his father decided to take him to Mwanza to his brother to start standard one at Kirumba Primary School. On 30th January 2012, his brother sent the boy to a shop to buy cigarettes. On the way back home, the boy got lost and walked far from town till he reached after a few days Malimbe where he stayed on the street around our compound. Luckily he was found by Mr. Alex the street leader of Malimbe. He brought Mtatiro to Malimbe Family.

At Malimbe family, Mtatiro was warmly welcomed by the staff and gave him food and let him rest because he was very tired and confused. Slowly the staff started talking with him to get to know who he was and were he came from. In the beginning he reacted on our questions a bit strange and didn’t give normal answers. But after a few days Mtatiro got more confidence in us at Malimbe Family, started talking. He started playing with the other children and a naughty and charming boy (see picture).

The Staff started to teach him how to read and write and simple mathematics as he was interested. In the meantime staff became to know where he came from. By the time he could be taken back home he was able to read, write and count the basic things. On the 8th of May Mr. Paulo Lughali went with him to Bunda district. Of course it took time to find the family but after asking and asking, people directed them to his family.

The family was very happy to receive him back as they thought he has already got lost or died. They tried a lot to find him, but without any success. They were very thankful to the staff of Malimbe Family to bring him back. Now he can even go to school in the village of his family with already some skills.

On a question of Paulo Lughali if he wanted to go back to Malimbe Family he answered: no, now I have found my family again! So he is safe back home. We saw with our own eyes the boy changing from a dirty, hungry, sad and lonely boy into a naughty and open child. Beautiful to see.

We wish him all the best.


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