Upendo Daima - Project for Street Children Tanzania


The story of Selemani Seifu

Prepared by Paulo.S.Lughali

June 2012

12 years ago I was born in Mwanza region. I’m the first born in a family with 2 children. My father died several years ago, my mother is still alive. When I was young, my mother was caught up with an offence which brought her for long in prison. Therefore her sister took us to her family. During this period I felt very sad thinking of my mother in jail at Butimba prison. Thus I decided to ran away to seek help. I made my living on the streets through begging, washing plates, selling charcoal, which gave me some money to buy food, clothing and paying entries fee for the movie hall.

One day I met a staff member from Upendo Daima near Mwanza hotel, her name is Teacher mama Christinata Komba. She told me the name of the organization she is working with and her purpose of the street work. I explained to her that street life is too bad with a lot of difficulties such as sleeping in the corridors without even a piece of bed sheet, no certainty of food, dependency of charity, illnesses, police harassments and the big boys as well. She invited me to go with her to the Back Home House for more talks. When we reached there, she introduced me to staff and all children. They were really welcoming me. I felt happy as if I was at home again. They helped me with reading and writing at the centre. Counselling helped to identify my problems and make good decisions as well. Because going home was no option it was decided after a few months to go to Malimbe Family the second centre of Upendo Daima. There I had the chance to start standard one at Nyamalango primary school. This year I am in standard three. I feel proud to be in school because I couldn’t expect to be a student one day. The staff says that I am performing well. After completing standard seven, I hope to go to secondary school and to the university to become a lawyer one day.

I’m very grateful to Upendo daima for the help they give me and many other children coming from the slums and needing help. Praise the Lord.


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