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Festive opening bookshop in Tiel

Saturday, September 21, the new bookshop of the Boekenlegger was opened by the Mayor of Tiel. The revenues of this second hand bookshop are for Upendo Daima, our project in Mwanza. Yearly they donate more than € 10.000, fantastic!

The opening was well attended, a few guests had even to stay outside during the opening ceremony, luckily the sun was shining. The second hand books are beautifully sorted on the shelves, nice to browse through. Compared to the old store, there is more space between the shelves. There is really a lot to find from historical books, novels to children's books. The books can also be ordered via the Internet.

After visiting the shop, the guests were invited to the terrace of the restaurant next door to toast on the future. This terrace was by the way declared to be the nicest terrace of the Netherlands in 2012, you could have less luck with your neighbours. The new shop is located nearby the city center, 5 minutes from the Market in the Vleesstraat 12A.

We congratulate the volunteers with this new step and hope that even more book lovers from Tiel and surroundings and the internet buyers find their way to the Boekenlegger.


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