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Our seventh team member is presenting himself

May 2017

Assistent Centre Manager

My name is Milanga Ally, living at Nyegezi in Mwanza City.  Professionally I have a diploma in  Community Development. I work in Upendo Daima Organization for Street Children at the Back Home House as an Assistant Centre Manager. It is now eleven years since I started to work there.  Before I worked in another organization as Social Worker.  

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I am glad to work with colleagues in a team spirit, which enables us to implement our activities in the Back Home House effectively. We are all moving towards one goal: assisting the street children who come from various parts of Tanzania to Mwanza City. We are committed achieving the following activities:

Street visits: we visit Mwanza City streets and talk with children to be able to build a relation with them. We convince them to join us to the Back Home House, where they get shelter, counseling, food and informal education. We appreciate the efforts of our counselors who work hard to make sure that the children are healed from their traumas. 

Home visiting and Reunification: Our Social Workers are very busy for pre-reunification, reunification and post-reunification visits to various parts of the region where the children come from. We appreciate the warm welcome we get from some of the families during the visits. We request all families to be responsible with the children because without love and good care they are susceptible to street life again.

 I like this job and I am committed to work with the street children because they need protection from us as they have experienced lack of love and care from their families. I appreciate all donations and contributions from all good Samaritans who know the effects of street children and hence have joined with us through their donations to rescue the children. Still I warmly welcome all visitors from various parts of our country and from abroad. My dream is that there is coming a day when street children in Tanzania will be history. It is possible!



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