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The story of the life of a former street child

By Sanga Kachira: juli 2010

This story reveals the actual story of my life to the present.

I am born in1992 in the village Buseresere, and have grown up in a peasant family. My father was a miner while my mom was a farmer. Life was good and there was peace and harmony.

As time went on, things changed and my father started drinking alcohol. He became a heavy drinker and this started to affect life. He started to fight at home. Peace and love which we used to have disappeared.

By that time my father was building a house. My mother was tired of loving a drunken person who used to fight and she wanted to disappear with me and my younger brother, but I refused.

She went away with my younger brother and  I was left at home by my self. I decided to go and live with my grandfather. I was only seven years, after a year he sent me to primary school.

My father had married another wife and had one child called Paulo. Father returned to Buseresere, and took me to his house again. At the beginning I lived peacefully with this mom.

As days went on she started to change and loaded me with a lot of work, did not give me food and mistreated me without any reason. She created distrust between me and my father. He punished me without any reason.

She started a business of selling bananas and the job was given to me. When I came back from school I did not get any food and was instructed to go to the bus stop to do the business. I carried a basin of bananas to the bus stop while I was hungry. I took two minimal pieces of banana so that I had some energy. But when I came back home I was asked where is the money for those two bananas? As a result I was beaten and insulted.

I did not attend school for a long time. A letter from school came, calling my father to explain my absence. My father called me and told me how I should answer to the school about my absence, but I didn’t say anything. He was punished and had to pay Tsh. 35.000/=.

That day I was beaten till I collapsed. After this incident I realized it was too difficult for me to survive at home. I decided to go to my aunt at the village of Imwery. I stayed there for two months.

My father came again and took me to his home and his wife mistreated me again. I escaped from home and took the bus to to Geita town. I explained my situation to the police and I was shown where to sleep and I was given food. They put me in the bus to Mwanza.I reached Mwanza, but I didn’t know where to go.

I found a police woman, and she helped me to find a place to sleep that night. Luckily she gave me some money for breakfast for the next day and let me go to find my mom. The whole day I did not find her. During the evening I started walking on foot from Pasiansi to town. I was very tired when I reached town and I slept that night near the Makongoro bridge.

Next day I started walking around. I asked a man to help me to get a job and he sent me to the Children's Center Kuleana. There I could stay and they sent me to Nyanza Primary School.

In June the school closed and pupils returned home for holiday. While I was hanging around the bus station some people came to me,I recognized them, they were the people from Upendo Daima, Mwanza, were I went several times to eat at their Day Care Center.

They brought me to my grandfather and they wanted to see my young brother. We went together to the place where I had left my brother. They wanted to take him to Mwanza to stay with the people from Upendo Daima. The woman first refused to let my brother go with us. She said she could send him back to the village. A lot of information was provided so that she accepted to let him move to Upendo Daima too.

NOTE: Sanga was also re-unified by Upendo Daima with his grandfather, but unfortunately his father took him away by force. The situation home was not good so he decided to run again from home to Geita town where Upendo Daima found him selling groundnuts. On 10th of December 2003 we took him and his brother to Mwanza.

We lived peacefully in Malimbe Family and they sent us to school. I started in Standard IV at Nyamalango Primary School and my brother in Standard I.

I completed primary education in the year 2007 and I was selected to join Luchelele Secondary School in 2008. Since Upendo Daima acts as a connector (bridge) between children and their parents or family, they saw that I had at least grown enough to live with my family members. They considered sending me back to Buseresere to my grandfather but I was asked to find a relative who is closer to the centre. I told them that my aunt lived in the Mkolani street. They went to see the place and let me stay there with my aunt.

Upendo Daima is doing good to provide me with all needs such as school fees, clothes, and many others. But my young brother is still living at Malimbe Family. He will finish this year Primary School and will also go to Secondary School.

Special thanks to Upendo Daima for securing and allowing prosperity in my life.

Now I am in form III at Mkolani Secondary School.

Special thanks to Mama Marga, Mr. Hoja, Sister Monica and all the cabinet of Upendo Daima, because they are returning the love of those children who lost their direction and I am one of them.

Note of Marga v Barschot:

Sanga is one of our boys who had a very difficult life and he worked hard to be who he is now.

We have planted a seed of love in his heart that will grow and grow.

Thank you Sanga that you trusted us.

With the capacity you have you can reach far in life.


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