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Donor and Partner Organizations

During the last few years we have been able to obtain support from many organizations. Cordaid has supported the project for many years and will hopefully continue to do so for the years to come. The secondhand bookshop “De Boekenlegger” in Tiel yearly transfers their very considerable profit from the sales of the books to the project. Many schools, churches, companies and individuals in the Netherlands contribute money to offer the children a new future.

In the past we have obtained support from the Johannes Stichting, Kerk in Actie, Univé, the Albert Sweitzer Fonds, the Ziekenfondsbode, MIVA, Spelenderwijs naar Tanzania, Eureka Achmea, the Stichting Tafadhali and the Goede Doelen Winkel in Delft.

There are contacts between the organisation in Mwanza and the local government in Tanzania, Ireland, Italy, and Germany, like the Mwanza Verein e.V. in Würzburg. Upendo Daima Nederland maintains contact with various Dutch organisations.

Web links donor- and partner organizations

De Boekenlegger Secondhand bookshop in Tiel donates all profits to Upendo Daima


The Shalom Centre for Conflict Resolution and Reconciliation

Tafadhali Supports Upendo Daima
Mwanza Verein Würzburg Relationship between the city of Mwanza and Würzburg
Sociëteit voor Afrikaanse Missiën Supporting Marga van Barschot
Better Care Network Network of organizations supporting children without adequate parental care.

Biological Solutions

Recycled content disposables

't Goeie Doelen Winkeltje – Delft

Secondhand shop in Delft that supports Upendo Daima


Railway Children is an international children's charity. We fight for vulnerable children who live alone at risk on the streets, where they suffer abuse and exploitation. In the UK, society often denies their existence, and in other countries the problem is so prevalent that it has become ‘normal’.


Same books. Same price. 10% of your purchase goes to charity of your choice!


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Latest news

  • March 2019 Two weeks of activities for Upendo Daima at Montessori school Tuinstad Schiebroek Rotterdam. The ten-year-old Ruben and his friends are closely involved in the ups and d...
  • In January 2018 UD staff went for team building day at Avashi Beach in Mwanza, about 5km from Malimbe Family. The main theme of the day was to exchange ideas, limitations and challenges in our work...
  • December 2017 The Moordeich sponsor run The result of the second sponsor run organized by the students at the Lise Meitner School in Moordeich Germany exceeded all expectations: the 367...
  • October 28, 2017 Four years ago I joined Upendo Daima as Lay Missionary for the SMA. It has been a privilege to work with the children and staff from Upendo Daima. They all have made me...

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