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The street children of Mwanza

The children end up on the streets because their parents have abandoned them or their parents are deceased, but also because of poor conditions at home. Sometimes their families have sent them to the streets to earn money.

The street is their home and they consider the other street children sometimes as their family. The children live in groups and seek their livelihood from small jobs or through stealing. Fighting and begging for food is very common. The trading of drugs is daily practice.

They sleep on the street without any protection and are often chased away by the police. Many street children are facing physical violence and sexual abuse. The risk to be infected with HIV and other STD's is great. There is no money to consult a doctor or buy medications. Their self-esteem is often completely gone.

Because of these miserable circumstances several of the street children sniff glue or paint thinners. Momentarily the pain is gone and cold or hunger is not noticed. However, this affects their brains and worsens their situation.


Latest news

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  • September 2015 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5BrWShL3JYc Since one and a half year Mara le Mahieu is working with the street children of Mwanza and made this beautiful film of her...
  • August 27, 2015 We are always looking for ways to improve life for the children and if possible to save money in the same time. With our latest tools we manage to do both. We received from Fr...
  • July 2015 As we have reported before we had received a kind donation of computers for our centre, Malimbe Family. Since a few weeks the children get computer classes, once a week. ...

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