Upendo Daima is completely dependent on donors. In Tanzania we mainly receive donations in the form of goods. For example, bales of rice from local farmers, gasoline, soap, and t-shirts from local entrepreneurs.

Financial sponsorship mainly comes from the Netherlands and Germany. We have dozens of sponsors who personally support us with a monthly or annual donation. In addition, there are several charitable funds that want to help us and offer the children a future. Structural support companies?

“De Boekenlegger”

Since 2004, volunteers in Tiel have set up a second-hand book store, De Boekenlegger. All proceeds from this shop go to Upendo Daima. Since its foundation, they have already been able to donate 250,000 euros to Upendo Daima. Quite an achievement! Read the article about this milestone here.

Are you looking for a nice gift, or a nice book for yourself? Then take a look at their website: www.boekenleggertiel.nl.