This year, unfortunately, we had to say goodbye to André and Hetty. André has actively participated in the management of Upendo Daima Netherlands for 9 years, Hetty as many as 12 years. The street children in Mwanza owe a lot to them. Fortunately, we have found two new enthusiastic board members. Jeanine de Groot and John Miltenburg. John writes about himself:

‘I know Marga from ’t verzetje, the choir in Utrecht where she was a member over 20 years ago. Several times I donated to UDN. About 10 years ago, I was in Mwanza and was allowed to work with her and her staff on their future. I was impressed by the commitment and results of the people who go out on the street to talk to street boys and work with them for a better future. I find it remarkable how my, our money directly finds its way to the immediate help. Effective because of the initial reception, the back home trajectory that follows, and the safety net underneath that is called Malimbe Family. I am now happy to contribute a small part as a member of the Dutch ‘management’ that tries to find funds for this beautiful work.’