On Saturday, November 20, 2021, Ite van Aardenne, chairman of the Upendo Daima Foundation, was again able to accept a donation from our loyal sponsor, De Boekenlegger.

With a beautiful symbolic check worth no less than € 8,000, we are, of course, extremely pleased!

The De Boekenlegger Foundation, with more than 20 volunteers, has been supporting us since the founding of Upendo Daima in 2004. They do this through the sale of second-hand books that generous donors from the region give to De Boekenlegger. These books are sold in the De Boekenlegger store, which is located in Vleesstraat in Tiel. With 15,000 books in the range, there is a huge choice, including novels, thrillers, art, history, travel, and children’s books. De Boekenlegger can also be found online (www.boekenleggertiel.nl) and at various book markets.