In 2021, Upendo Daima started fundraising from private wealth funds. For this, the board sought the help of Betty Jelier-Kiestra. Betty is an independent fundraiser focused on fundraising for vulnerable groups in society such as children in developing countries. In 2021, she applied to funds on behalf of Upendo Daima for contributions towards the sustainable reunification of street children with their families. And with success! Upendo Daima has received a total of over €22,000 for the reunification from the Hofstee Foundation, the Stichting Weeshuis der Doopsgezinden, the Johanna Donk-Grote Foundation, the Vereniging Trein, and the Willem Meindert de Hoop Foundation. Additionally, through Betty, Upendo Daima received pledges from the Stichting Jong and the Casterenshoeve for renovation to meet the government’s furnishing requirements, totaling over €8,000. These contributions formed a significant part of Upendo Daima’s income in 2021. Therefore, the board continued the cooperation with Betty in 2022, aiming for a sustainable partnership with a number of wealth funds.