Local Sponsorship

Upendo Daima aims to operate more and more from their own environment. Therefore, a lot of energy has been invested in setting up local sponsorship for years. This is now bearing fruit. Upendo Daima receives food and goods from companies and wealthier individuals in the area. As a result, Malimbe Family hardly needs to spend […]

Abandoned on an island

Alexi lived with his family on an island in Lake Victoria. His parents made a living from fishing, but they were not rich. One day, they decided to move to another island. They left Alexi and his brother behind. Alexi tried to join other families, but he was too young to work, so no one […]

Fire at the high school

Imagine: You’ve studied hard for your exams and you’ve passed! After a lot of uncertainty about school costs, you finally hear a few weeks before you can start that the tuition is in and your further education is secured. You go to school for four weeks and… the whole school burns down. Unfortunately, this is […]

The new school year has begun!

After a successful school year, 9 children have passed their national exams. An amazing achievement for everyone! This year, we’re starting off fresh again! Hopefully, they too can celebrate at the end of the year!

Fundraising from private wealth funds

In 2021, Upendo Daima started fundraising from private wealth funds. For this, the board sought the help of Betty Jelier-Kiestra. Betty is an independent fundraiser focused on fundraising for vulnerable groups in society such as children in developing countries. In 2021, she applied to funds on behalf of Upendo Daima for contributions towards the sustainable […]

Every Child a Family

In Tanzania, the work of organizations like Upendo Daima is becoming increasingly professional. Upendo Daima is starting a collaboration network with similar NGOs and the government to promote the reintegration of children. The new initiative is called: Every Child a Family. Upendo Daima fully supports this and looks forward to the collaboration.

Mussa is going home!

Mwanza is a city on the coast of Lake Victoria. This means that sometimes boys come to our center, whose parents live on one of the small islands just off the coast. The reintegration of these boys always involves a bit more! Mussa is one of these boys. We follow his journey to his mother. […]

From beggar to… maybe even a professional footballer! 

Paulo is a 12-year-old boy from Mwanza. At a young age, his father abandoned the family, leaving his mother responsible for him and his younger brother Chenja. To provide for the boys, she had to beg. Paulo and Chenja did not go to school, but had to help with begging. Because they were still so […]

De Boekenlegger Plays Santa Claus

On Saturday, November 20, 2021, Ite van Aardenne, chairman of the Upendo Daima Foundation, was again able to accept a donation from our loyal sponsor, De Boekenlegger. With a beautiful symbolic check worth no less than € 8,000, we are, of course, extremely pleased! The De Boekenlegger Foundation, with more than 20 volunteers, has been […]

Obituary of Marga van Barschot

It is with great sadness that we must inform you that Marga van Barschot passed away on April 10. Marga transformed Upendo Daima from a day activity center for street children to the project it is now: a comprehensive project to reunite street children with their families. Marga was 74 years old. Mother of a […]